Creative Consultant

Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Web Design, Concept Design, Motion Graphics, User Interface, User Experience, 3D Animation, Interactive, Branding, Game Design, (SEO), Social Media Expert, Software Development, Print, Database, Special Effects, Cyber Security Expert.

Recognized by .Net Magazine as one of the world’s top 20 international designers

His work has earned a place in the Web Design Museum, as well as an upcoming book “The History of Web Design” which documents early web design that influenced the modern internet landscape.

Showreel By Christopher Perry

Christopher Perry created the Commercial for Boeing's 100th anniversary. Christopher Perry known as being top designers in the world.

I created three spots to celebrate Boeing’s 100th anniversary. Executed using seamless design and hyper-real CG, I drew inspiration from engineering.

Christopher Perry created the digital 3D Joker which was featured on 3D Artist Magazine 2020. With 30 years experience Christopher Perry has been in numerous books and magazines.

The Joker was created with Zbrush, 3D Studio Max, Redshift I tried to make the details as real as I can

Terminator 2020 by Activision hired Christopher Perry to create the video games trailer. Also Christopher was hired to do some layouts in the video game.

New terminator to their game “Game For Peace” and asked me to make a side by side advertisement. That led to me doing animated trailer.

Interdax hired Christopher to create a animated commercial then let Christopher create website redesign.

In late 2018 I made a launch video for the upcoming crypto trading platform called Interdax.

Hyundai hired Christopher Perry to created animated models of there 2019 fleet. The commercial was mentioned in people magazine.

I was asked to help create a vector animation for the Hyundai Veloster. I came up with the Tiger. I had to do this the old fashion way frame by frame.

Christopher Perry created a cartoon as a personal experiment that turned into people waiting for the next episode.

Assassin is a cartoon I started to create in 2016. I put project on hold but will be back to production by January 2021

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